Every student, regardless of what age group, experience many of the same activities in the course of the day. 

FREE PLAY is a part of the day in every classroom. It is designed to give every child the freedom to choose the center that interests him/her the most. This may include blocks, puzzles, dramatic play, library, arts and crafts, various manipulatives, etc. It is during this time that children have the chance to interact with classmates, strengthening their socialization skills.

 CLEAN UP is emphasized in every classroom. The children all work together to learn the responsibility of putting their toys away. 

SNACK TIME is part of every class. The children receive a variety of tree nut free snacks. The students are given the responsibility of setting the tables and cleaning up after themselves. 

BATHROOM TIME is part of the class schedule. Every class is taken to the bathroom as a reminder to the busy child. 

STORY TIME is a special time of the day. The teachers may use books, flannel boards, or puppets to help the children gain a love of reading. 

CALENDAR AND WEATHER is discussed every day. This is the students’ first introduction to math skills.

 INDOOR AND OUTDOOR ACTIVITES are an integral part of each class. During the warm weather, the students have the opportunity to play in our playground. Here they can swing, climb, slide, and dig in sandbox. When the weather prevents them from going outside the children can play in our Big Room. It is equipped with bicycles, riding toys, and dramatic play area. 

LUNCH TIME is 11:30-12:30. Each child brings a lunch. Microwaves are available to heat up lunches. 

REST TIME takes place after lunch for all full day students. Each child is provided with a mat and covered with a sheet that is provided by the parent.